Playground Terms Of Use

Playground is a software application Developed by Playground SDC. The code and features of the application is the sole property of Playground SDC, distribution or manipulation of the code by unauthorized personel will result in desciplinary action against the malicious account. By creating a Playground account and/or using it's features you agree to abide by the rules set forward by these terms of use. Accounts are permitted to have a local profile and a post profile that can be shared locally to other users. Through this process you agree to provide Playground access to location information attained through GPS or through an internet connection. Links shared on Playground are made public to other users in the sole discretion of the owner of this account. Playground is not a place for the spread of malicious content, any user reported to be spreading such content will be investigated and may face permanent deletion of account. Playground stores account data entered by a user. If you have any questions or concerns over these terms, contact Playground SDC. If you do not agree to these terms, please log out of the account, accounts not active for more than 30 days will be automatically deleted. Playground is a social tool to help ease communication locally. Enjoy building your Playground.